Quick FAQ:

A got a zero bytes output!

If you are not running v1.0.3, please update first and try again.

Converted video won't play!

Are you using macOS High Sierra ? If not, you need to open the reduced file in VLC (http://videolan.org) Native support for H265 requires iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra. Also, only 4th generation Apple TVs can play H.265 files, older generations cannot as of October 2017.

What kind of files can be converted?

Super265 won't take DVD or blu-ray folders or other multi-file video structures as input. It will take all video that are in a single file. Except maybe for very exotic ones.

What is the output type?

Super265 will usually output .mp4 files, but if the original is a .mkv file containing tracks that can't be kept in a .mp4 file, it will output a .mkv file.

Super265 doesn't work with one of the files I have, what can I do?

Please use the 'Reveal log...' menu item in the 'Help' menu after the failure and send it to support@metakine.com

Also check out the Quick Start
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